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IP via Email is a support program to connect to the your remote computer.

This program will let you know the IP address of your home computer (or your office computer), that you want to use remotly with VNC programs (as RealVNC, UltraVNC and TightVNC), via the your email and/or client mode of the program and/or enabling the automatic publishing of your IP on the site www.microproject.eu/dynamic-ip by creating your own user id and password.

You can always go back to your new dynamic IP address after a reboot programmed by the user or due to a temporary system crash, or a fall of your WiFi network connection or another.



The main interface of the program is very simple and intuitive, here's what it looks like:

Main Window

Once you have entered the e-mail addresses for sending and destination you can start the timer indicating the time interval that determines when to send the email with the dynamic IP that is detected by the program. The sending of the email can be set at regular time intervals and/or when the program detects an effective change in the dynamic IP itself. Not all electronic mailboxes allow be used they simultaneously to sending and receiving email messages, but in this case, of course, nothing prevents you to create your own specific sender email for IP via Email or use one secondary already in your possession. Once you have activated one of the timers will be started on the process implementation of which will be signaled by the appearance of an red starfish on the program icon in the taskbar of Windows and on the small icon in the notification area where the little star will turn on and turn off intermittently to indicate that the program is in operation and the sending process of your dynamic IP is active. In other words IP via Email works as a Windows service, so even after a reboot of the system by the user or for other reasons, IP via Email continue to function and carry out its activities, thus allowing you to always know the current dynamic IP address of your system.

There's also worth mentioning the possibility to use a specific mailbox for sending email, owned by the Microproject, as an alternative or in addition to your e-mail sender. This specific service requires payment of a small fee for the costs of operation and management of the servers used by Microproject and becouse included along with other interesting options that are part of the "Supplementary Services", and which now we're going to see in detail:

Option Window

The use of these services is still free for the first 2 months of use, then you can continue to use these services with a one-year subscription for the modest sum of only 2,00 with no obligation to renew.

The first option of additional services is very interesting because it allows you to know the dynamic IP of your system wherever you are without the help of your email client or via a web browser or your email in general. Infact, you can know your IP by simply doing to run on the your local computer the IP via Email Client program that is present in the software package of IP via Email and in your Desktop. and which it can be copied into the desired unit through the appropriate button on the same program.

IP Via Email Client

This is possible thanks to the servers Microproject which will supporting to IP via Email installed on your remote computer, which is able to identify through a serial string uniquely derived from the particular features of your hardware. However, it is required to create your own user id and password to allow access to the service, which can be done through the simple interface of the same Options window of the program.

The second option is equally interesting and allow to know the dynamic IP of your server computer accessing the site www.microproject.eu/dynamic-ip through the use of your user id and password, or if you prefer, making the IP visible via the web, and easily found it through a unique name given to your choice, associated with the same IP. There is also the possibility to specify the numeric value of the port used by your remote management software preferred to protect yourself in case you don't remember, and specify that particular port is used to access your published website on your own server. In this case, the name that you have associated with your IP will act as a link for direct access to your personal site, physically present on a real virtual server of your property, with all the advantages that this may result and lets imagine. In fact, in this way you will have the possibility to make your site (social or business) visible on the Internet and manage it as you see fit without the constraints and limitations imposed by the operators of third parties.

A useful tip, use a value of the port used for get to your site, one unit greater than that associated the port used by the remote management program, present on your server, so you do not forget it. And yet, configure your remote management software and set it to a secure connection.

Finally, it is possible to know the different physical and logical characteristics updated of your system through the checkmark of the box with the caption "Insert system information", which allows to precisely select different sets of the various current logical and hardware components of your system and insert their values inside of email to send. The different sets of which you want to know these values can be selected by using the appropriate mask displayed by choosing "System" from the Settings menu.

Finestra di selezione delle variabili di sistema


License agreement

IP via Email and a program of public domain freeware for personal use in its basic use. IP via Email is subject to copyright, may not be sold and/or used by third parties that require compensation in exchange, and may be freely distributed with the bond of the integrity of its content. More details about the license of use are listed in the Help menu of the same program.



IP via Email v. >DOWNLOAD<

File name: IP via Email 2016-06-08 ENG Release.zip
Peso: 2.338.844 byte
Code HASH to verify the integrity of the package .zip
  SHA1: 9af4411d1a081dc9a5d980abc47359d9faadb4ba
  MD5: 7dd2c19325d6572acda3487eed5a1e23
System requirements: Microsoft dot Net Framework 4.0
Supported Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 or higher

Files in the program folder after installation:
  IPviaEmail.exe (2.298.880 byte)
  IPviaEmailService.exe (24.064 byte)
  StarIPviaEmailService.exe (19.968 byte byte)
  StartIPviaEmail.exe (53.760 byte)
  CloseIPviaEmail.exe (12.800 byte)
  IPviaEmailClient.exe (737.280 byte)
  ipviaemail.cod (70.914 byte)


The installation package inside the .zip file, available for download on this same page, has the file named setup.exe to start of the installation process of the program. The installation may take a few minutes, and attention must be paid to the possible detection of "author unknown" by your system and the request by the same system to the continuation of the installation process. This is in case you have not already installed previously a program of the MICROPROJECT FC. This is due to the use of Windows Installer on the part of the software package for its installation that requires a certificate of authenticity that can be issued by a certification authority legally empowered to do so, but for that kind of product, you can consider completely irrelevant due to the authentication system already inside the same package, and for the same indications code HASH integrity of the package provided in this page and the description of its contents with the names of files that must be present in the same package and their relative weights in bytes.

At the end of the installation will not be necessary to restart the system for the changes of the program to take effect, and the start of the Windows service 'IP via Email' will be launched by the same installation program. A note, the installation is done via Windows Installer that will allow for greater ease of management of the program with regard to its possible removal by the user. In case of uninstall two small files of IP via Email remain in the path of the system AppData\Microproject FC\IP via Email\. They needed to the program for its setup and configuration with user-supplied specific values during the same use of IP via Email, and that can be removed manually if you want a complete uninstall.


Alerts and warnings

IP via Email may be identified by some antivirus software as a possible threat, but this is a false positive. The program will provide information on your system that antivirus may think that this is trojan or spyware, not realizing that this send response is desired by the user who uses the IP via Email services.


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